Lagochilus inebrians (Intoxicating Mint)

Lagochilus inebrians has been used since ancient times, for its intoxicating and sedative properties by Armenian, Tajik, Tatar, Turkoman and Uzbek tribesman and Shamans. It has also been used for it’s other medical, therapeutic effects in controlling hemorrhage, Anti-epileptic and anti-infective effects etc. A crystalline compound isolated from the plant and named lagochiline and thought at first to be an alkaloid was isolated in 1945 but more recent studies, in 1957, showed that it was a polyhydric alcohol, present up to 3 % of the dried plant material, has proved to be aditerpene. Maximum quantities of lagochiline accumulate in plants is in the phase of flowering and during fruit production (May- July). Whether or not it produces the psychoactive effects of the whole plant is unknown. The versatile pharmacological effects of Lagochilus inebrians have led to its being adopted officially in the 8th edition of the Russian Pharmacopoeia. It is employed as an infusion or tincture as an antihemorrhagic for its hemostatic effects, to reduce permeability of blood vessels and aid in coagulation of the blood. It has also been recommended for use in treating certain allergies, glaucoma, and skin diseases, and has been reported to be valuable for nervous disorders as a hypotensive, anti-spasmodic and sedative. Its properties as a sedative are due possibly to the same constituents responsible for the central nervous activity basic to the folk use of the plant as a narcotic. Despite the name "inebrians," it seems that it is more of a sedative than an inebriant. The plant has hypotensive properties (i.e. it lowers blood pressure). This makes it useful for various medical conditions and procedures, but it also means that it could be dangerous for people with hypotension.
Many pharmacological properties are ascribed to this plant. Effects like: reduces tension or anxiety, sedative, intoxicant and mild hallucinogenic are often reported.

Lagochilus extracts and tinctures containing lagochiline have been tested in Samarqand Medical Institute on 170 patients. The preparation has been experimented for its sedative effects on functional disturbances of nervous system, and found the effect of treatment has been considered good - 53 % patients, satisfactory- 27% and weak-10 %, no effect - 0% patients.

As a sedative lagochiline was tried in psychiatric clinics on 50 patients with neurotic conditions, organic diseases of the central nervous system, epilepsy and other diseases (By DR A Z. Rosenberg).

Preparations of Lagochilus containing lagochiline give good results in the treatment functional diseases and consequences of organic diseases of the central nervous system. Sedative effect of the preparation as a result gives dream improvement, reduces effective excitability. Good results in treating eczema. With the dosage of Lagochilus infusion (1:20) 1 tablespoon 3 times a day for 45-60 days.Lagochilus preparations have been used on patients with hypertension. It was observed Patients general health state improved. Reduced Vertigo, headache and dizziness, work capability increased. With 30-60days of treatment with Lagochilus. The maximum arterial pressure was normalized in 40 % patients; minimal effect was on 32 % of patients. By the end of Treatment majority of patients with arterial blood pressure second stage has gone down to first stage. The most effective haemostatic activity appeared in various bleedings: uterus, haemorrhoidal, nasal (epistaxis), lung, and for hemorrhagic diathesis.
Clinical efficiency of the extract and tinctures in various bleedings the following data was observed, study on 300 patients accepting this preparation, good effect has been seen in 193 (64 %), satisfactory - in 58 (19 %), weak – in 29 (10 %), no effect in 20 (7 %) patients.

Special Data on clinical efficiency of this preparation in hemorrhagic diathesis and hemophilia. have been proven by The tests which have been carried out in Leningrad institute of hemotransfusy and in the Central institute of hematology and blood transfusion. Though these data were formulated, from experiments, on a small amount of patients, they are worthy, taking into consideration the difficulties arising with treating patients with these disease.

Conclusion from experiments and clinical studies, this preparation can be recommended in uterine, haemorrhoidal, traumatic, lung and nasal bleedings, and treatment hemorrhagic diathesis, hemophilia, Werlholf diseases, Henoch Shcholein disorder, functional nervous disturbances, some allergic skin disease like pruritis, dermatitis, eczema, skinrash, Urticaria, neurodermatitis, Hypertension 1 - 2 stages, glaucoma and for prevention of post operative bleeding .

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